Bin Level Sensors

Reli-A-Sense™ level sensors can be used in a wide range of bulk level-sensing applications. A few of the characteristics of the Reli-A-Sense™ sensors include:


  • Reli-A-Sense™ level sensors are surrounded by our tough Rhino Hyde® urethane
  • High Level Adjustable or Fixed sensor (for high level sensing)
  • V-Top Adjustable or Fixed sensor (for intermediate and low level sensing)
  • Flush Mount Adjustable sensor (for intermediate and low level sensing)
  • Reli-A-Sense™ sensors used in a wide range of applications
  • Reli-A-Sense™ sensors are intrinsically safe, (contact your sales representative for information on installation requirements, a barrier is required)
  • Three-year unconditional warranty


Reli-A-Sense™ level sensors are solid-state capacitive sensors surrounded by tough Rhino Hyde® urethane. The solid-state electronics extend product life by providing reliable level sensing without any moving parts. The tough Rhino Hyde® encapsulation allows you to put the sensor directly in the grain flow, without worrying about premature wear due to abrasion and corrosion.

A low voltage barrier is placed between the power source and sensor.  Each sensor must be powered by a barrier which provides the low voltage (mA) necessary to obtain the intrinsically safe designation.  Reli-A-Sense™ level sensors are intrinsically safe and carry Factory Mutual (FM), CSA and European approvals for Class II, Division I, Groups A-G locations.

Reli-A-Sense™ level sensors are available in a variety of configurations for ease of installation and operation in a broad range of applications. These dependable sensors can be used in dry or slurry applications, granular bulk solids and low density or other difficult situations. All sensors provided with quick disconnect fittings and mating connectors with a 4 meter (approx 12 foot) heavy duty cable. Reli-A-Sense™ level sensors utilize compensation circuitry to combat the negative effects of contamination on sensor faces caused by temperature and humidity.

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