Ceramic Backed Elbows


Rhino Hyde® Ceramic Backed Elbows extend the life of steel elbows by providing an outer ceramic layer. The advantages of Ceramic backed Elbows are:


  • Installs on elbow before your installation
  • Extends life by providing a high alumina ceramic layer behind the steel elbow
  • Elbows produced to spec
  • No need for patching during use like a normal elbow


Custom made to your specifications, Rhino Hyde® Cerathane Backed Elbows are highly abrasion resistant double wall elbow systems unique to Tandem Products that will increase productivity through maximizing elbow life. Better than concrete more durable than steel, Rhino Hyde® Cerathane Backed Elbows have been used in dust collection and pneumatic conveying lines in the Coke Feed, Grain, and Salt industries to name just a few.

Download the data sheet on the right to provide dimensions for your order.

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