Ceraflex™ Ceramic Liner


Ceraflex™ panels are utilized in applications with severe abrasion problems. The patented construction utilizes high alumina ceramic tiles backed with a cushioning urethane layer. Ceraflex™ panels are:


  • Produced in modular systems allowing replacement of high wear areas
  • Ceramic tiles are 4" X 6" and 1/2 to 1" thick, total panel thickness to 2"
  • Available with stud bolt and weldable installation methods
  • Cushioning urethane layer prevents tile breakage
  • Uses: Extremely high volume sliding abrasion with minor mass impact (small to medium aggregate)


Ceraflex™ is a premium wear and impact resistant panel developed by Tandem Products that combines the unique wear resistance of heat treated, domestically produced ceramic tile with the resiliency of urethane. Separately both ceramics and urethanes have incredible wear resistant properties. Together each material's attributes complement the other, resulting in a superior wear and impact resistant panel for transitions and other high impact areas in the sand and gravel, mining, and grain industries.

Ceraflex™ is a patented process unique to Tandem Products. In documented side by side comparisons, Ceraflex™ panels were able to handle over 288,000 tons of -1 ½” crushed rock, outlasting ½” AR plate 5:1.

Ceraflex™ panels are made to order for your specific use and are bolted or welded into place. Operating temperature range is minus 40 F below to 225 F.

Ceraflex™ Wear Liner sizes and construction table:

Liner TypeLiner ThicknessCeramic ThicknessMin. WidthMax. WidthMin. LengthMax. Length
Ceraflex™ 1” ½” 4 ¼” 58” 6 ¼” 60”
Ceraflex™ 1 ½” ½” 4 ¼” 58” 6 ¼” 60”
Ceraflex™ 1 ½” 1” 4 ¼” 58” 6 ¼” 60”
Ceraflex™ 2” 1” 4 ¼” 58” 6 ¼” 60”

Due to weight concerns the maximum recommended size per piece is 16 square feet.

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