Rhino Hyde Ultra-Slide UHMW



  • Low Friction, Impact & Corrosion Resistant


Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene is a dependable polymer which outlasts steel, hardwoods and other plastics in wear applications. Ultra-Slide excels as long-lasting liners, bumpers, wear plates and fabricated parts.

Ultra-Slide UHMW is more than 3 times as resistant as nylon 6/6, and over 5 times as resistant to abrasion as high density polyethylene and steel. It tolerates extended contact with solids, slurries, rollers, chain and other abrasives better than other surfaces.

LOW FRICTION - Ultra-Slide UHMW is very low friction, .15 or less, giving it a slick, non-stick quality. It allows clean, ininterrupted operation/flow in dry, wet and freezing conditions. Materials pass over Ultra-Slide without adhesion and buildup. Barnacles wipe away from Ultra-Slide UHMW.

IMPACT RESISTANT - Ultra-Slide UHMW is virtually unbreakable. One inch thick is able to stop a .45 calibur bullet at 25 feet and displays zero notch sensitivity in conventional lab testing.

CORROSION RESISTANT - Ultra-Slide UHMW absorbs no water and is impervious to most chemical attack, including strong oxidizing agents. It resists bacterial growth and can be stabilized against ultraviolet degradation for extended use out side.

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