Trommel Screens

Rhino Hyde® Urethane Trommel Screens will reduce your downtime through increased wear life over your metal screens. Our special tapered openings can actually allow more production due to less plugging and material buildup. We have proven applications running in aggregate and even compost.


  • Tapered openings and urethane material construction reduce plugging
  • Longer life than metal screens
  • Lightweight makes installation easier and safer
  • Reduces noise
  • Available in many slotted and square openings


Rhino Hyde® Urethane Trommel Screens are guaranteed to increase the wear life over your metal screens, up to 8 times! Made out of a proprietary urethane that resists plugging and abrasion, our trommel screens will improve your profits through improved throughput and reduced maintenance.

Molded around a tough wire frame network, Rhino Hyde® trommel screens have proven life and durability through years of application success. If you are running a trommel screen, whether in aggregate or compost, and haven't considered a urethane screen, call us so we can discuss your application and show how you can save money today.

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