Rhino Hyde Spray 8500AR


 Rhino Hyde Spray 8500 AR was developed using the expertise and application knowledge that has made Tandem Products, Inc. a leader in the urethane industry since 1965.  At Tandem Products, Inc., we blend our pure polyurea systems in-house to rigid Q.C. guidelines ensuring consistent product quality with every batch. 

Rhino Hyde Spray 8500AR is designed to stand up to the severe abrasion requirements found in the mining, aggregate and concrete markets.  It is important to recognize that not all urethane or polyurea systems are the same as not all steel is the same.  Rhino Hyde Spray 8500AR was designed utilizing Tandem Products, Inc’s in-depth application knowledge of the markets into which it is utilized.  All relative physical properties were maximized to provide the best material for abrasion applications. 

 Just what are the differences of Rhino Hyde Spray 8500AR versus other polyurea materials:

  • We utilize raw materials that provide significantly improved cut tear and abrasion resistance over competitive products. 
  •  Our products are extensively field tested in relative field applications 
  • Finally, how do you sort through all of the materials and data sheets to find the correct material for the application?  The ”proof” is in the service life once in application.  Rhino Hyde Spray 8500AR has been field proven, not just field tested, in aggregate, concrete and mining applications.

 Released after years of research and development, Rhino Hyde Spray 8500AR very closely assimilates Rhino Hyde cast urethanes in terms of abrasion performance.


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