Belt Wipers & Skirting

The Rhino Hyde® Belt Wipers & Skirting can be made for just about any application. We have many different features and each wiper can be made custom to your needs. Available sizes and features include:


  • Thickness up to 2"
  • Lower coefficent of friction than rubber; less wear and drag on the belt
  • Width from 4" up to 12"
  • Nonporous, slick surface with much less tendency for sticky materials to cling or build-up
  • Length up to 10' (single durometer up to 50')
  • Resistant to abrasion and will extend the life of your material handling machinery


Single Durometer Rhino Hyde® Belt Wiper: Available in 85, 93 and 95 Shore A durometers, the standard Rhino Hyde® belt wiper is resilient, has excellent cleaning properties and is long lasting.

Dual Durometer Rhino Hyde® Belt Wiper: This Rhino Hyde® wiper has been specifically designed for applications that require a harder durometer urethane to wipe away the heavier and larger particles, followed by a softer durometer urethane to squeegee the belt clean and remove excess water. The dual durometer belt wiper incorporates two urethanes. A 90 Shore A durometer and a 70 Shore A, which are fused together during the molding process to make a permanent singular thickness.

Tri-Level Rhino Hyde® Belt Wiper: Designed to provide a rigid yet uniquely flexible wiper, the softer urethane in the center gives this wiper excellent cleaning properties without excessive wear to the belt. The center is a 70 Shore A durometer urethane, and the two outer layers are comprised of 90 Shore A. All three layers are fused together during the molding process to make a singular, permanent thickness.

Ceramic Beaded Rhino Hyde® Belt Wiper: This is the most rigid and durable belt wiper available. The ceramic beads molded into the Rhino Hyde® urethane will easily clean the toughest applications - even frozen materials. Typically, the ceramic beads make up the top 2" of the width, running the entire length of the wiper.

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