Modular Panels & Screens

Rhino Hyde® modular panels are available to fit most existing modular deck systems. Our modular panels are engineered to maximize production and minimize wear.


  • Available in single and dual durometer
  • Membrane panels for blinding applications
  • Many square and slotted openings
  • Cost effective guarantee
  • We do full deck conversion packages also!


Check out our new HOA modular panel... RhinoWire™ IS 1' X 4' panels at $155.00 end user pricing.

We have replacement panels for almost all current modular systems. RhinoHyde® modular panels have been extensively utilized and tested over the past 20 years.

Our materials are custom engineered to meet the demanding requirements of aggregate screening. By formulating and blending our own urethane, we are uniquely positioned to offer an excellent wearing, cost effective product.

Replacement panels offered: (click name below to view more information)

OEMRhino Hyde® Equivalent
Tema Isenmann WS-85 RhinoIS
Tema Isenmann WS-85 Rhino Wire IS HOA
Polydeck Pin & Leg Rhino Deck Pin & Leg
Tyler Pin & Sleeve Rhino Deck Pin & Sleeve
Durx-X-Snap Deck® Rhino Snap
Durx-X-Snap Deck 2000® Rhino Snap Lok
Trellstep Rhino Step
West Deck Rhino Deck WS
Flomax Rhino Max
Bivitec Rhino Tec
Anti-Blinding Modular Screens
Deck Conversion Packages

Dur-X-Snap Deck® & Dur-X-Snap Deck 2000® are registered trademarks of Durex Products, Inc.

We have the experience to realize not all aggregate plants are the same and have developed materials accordingly.  We have many material options depending on your application, please contact your sales representative to discuss your application.

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