RhinoGrid™ Hook Screens

Engineered to provide superior wear life when compared to wire cloth. RhinoGrid™ is manufactured with a tough woven wire support grid so it will not "stretch" like competitive screens.


  • RhinoGrid™ has proven to last 7 - 9 times longer than wire cloth
  • Unique design reduces plugging
  • Installs just like wire... No conversion costs, no additional hardware
  • Rugged enough to handle heavy loads, WET or DRY
  • Decreases noise
  • No "blocking" out of material for bucker bars required
  • Available in side or end tension hooks


RhinoGrid™ hook screens are available in many opening sizes from .65 mm slotted to 4" square openings. Choice of material is dependent on the application and we have various materials to fit your requirements. Our materials are specially formulated to meet the rigorous environmental and application requirements inherent in screening aggregate products.

If you are considering converting from wire cloth to a flat deck with synthetic media, you need to consider RhinoGrid™ hook screens. RhinoGrid™ hook screens are a great alternative to conversion of your deck to a flat deck. You have the advantages of a urethane screening media without the finality and cost of converting your deck. By utilizing this option, you have the benefits of a urethane screen deck and maintain the option of utilizing wire cloth if your needs change in the future.

We recommend installation of urethane covered tension rails with each screen to protect your investment. Normal metal tension rails normally do not last as long as the RhinoGrid™ screen and screen failures can be caused by a failed metal tension rail.

An application data sheet must be on file with each new order to validate the warranty.

Product Resources

Rhino Grid Install Instr.> [pdf]