Truck Charge Hopper & Discharge Chute Liner

One of the main advantages is that we offer either a bolt or weld in place liner. So whatever your need, we can accommodate. Here some other advantages:


  • Specially-formulated Rhino Hyde® resists wear and sticking
  • 5/16" to 1/2" thickness for extended wear-life
  • Light in weight
  • Easy installation
  • No more long shut-down times
  • Bolted or welded in place
  • Easy to clean


Mixing concrete is a difficult process, and is especially taxing on your mixing equipment. In recent years, the value of lining equipment has become readily apparent; however, if you're not using the proper lining materials, lining your equipment can cause excessively long shut-downs. At Rhino Hyde®, we know this, and for that reason, we have developed our High Mount Truck Hopper Liners and Truck Discharge Chute Liners.

The Bolt-In liners and Main Chute liners have a fabric-backing. These liners are installed by applying caulking along the back-side perimeter of the liner and then securing with bolts & nuts every 10"-12" along the perimeter.

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