Rhino Tile™ Ceramic Liner

Tandem Products has pioneered the combining of urethane and ceramic materials in the production of a variety of urethane liner products. The latest innovation in ceramic wear liner products is a revolutionary new product called Rhino Tile™ . The advantages of Rhino Tile™ are:


  • Rhino Tile™ has the ability to withstand impact better than standard ceramic tile
  • Can be produced in various shapes up to 3' X 4' sizes
  • Urethane support provides "cushion" to ceramic layer
  • Easy to install through stud attachment


Rhino Tile™ is a unique combination of three proprietary urethane polymers and a high alumina ceramic media. Rhino Tile™ is custom made to your specifications, yet is malleable enough to allow fine tuning on site. Rhino Tile™ is not tile, it is a one piece, seamless, ceramic wear surface bonded to a bed of the most modern urethane chemistry available. Rhino Tile™ is produced in custom made parts up to 12 square feet each. No individual pieces to chip or fall out, no time consuming installation with messy silicones and nibbling tools.

For lining turn-heads or impact pads with severe wear, Rhino Tile™ provides a long-lasting ceramic impregnated product that won’t chip, break off or come unglued, clogging the spout or contaminating the product stream. Rhino Tile™'s proprietary ceramic wear surface is unlike any ceramic product currently in use. Under impact it does not chip or shatter like typical ceramic tiles. Coupled with the shock absorbing bed of specialty urethane, Rhino Tile™ absorbs the impact over a wear surface that will dent before it shatters.

Give don’t break means longer life, less maintenance and more productivity; applicable in a wide variety of environments from -40F to 230F.

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