Classifier Shoes


Rhino Hyde® urethane classifier shoes are the solution to the abrasion problems inherent in screw conveyor applications. The advantages to Rhino Hyde® classifier shoes are:


  • Urethane won't rust or corrode like steel shoes
  • Lightweight making them easier to install and provide less wear on equipment
  • When bent or distorted Rhino Hyde® classifier shoes will return to their original shape
  • Come with standard weld plates or a solid metal backing
  • Shoes with the solid metal backing are bent left and / or right
  • Come in a variety of styles and replacement sizes


Rhino Hyde® urethane classifier shoes are manufactured from a proprietary urethane formulation. We have many molds and due to the fact many screws are field modified, we require an approved drawing with each order. Also, we cannot exactly match manufacturer numbers to our part numbers for the same reason.

With Rhino Hyde® classifier shoes, you are assured better cut and tear resistance compared to rubber. Rubber shoes require a metal backing to give them the necessary rigidity, which could result in delamination. Rhino Hyde® won't delaminate, won't "chunk" or rip away and can handle environmental extremes.

When in doubt as to what shoe you require, fill out the classifier shoe data sheet below and we can determine which shoe you need.

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