Disc Filter Sectors


  • Round peg design that maximizes open area
  • Effective moisture drainage allows maximum slurry build up on the bag
  • A replaceable neck molded separately and can be easily replaced
  • Reduces cake moisture by up to 10% compared to other models
  • Lasts 2-3 times longer than stainless sectors
  • Steel reinforcing inside the urethane
  • Rounded peg design extends bag life
  • Available for Eimco, Scanmec and Dorr-Oliver type filters
  • Custom sizes available for quotation


Rhino Hyde® disc filter sectors utilize a proprietary urethane formulation that will not corrode, is lightweight, and was designed to operate in a wide range of PH's and temperatures. Polyurethane has been proven to out-last plastic, steel, and stainless steal in more filter sector applications, and unlike steel, will not rust. Polyurethane's wearability is especially important in the high-wear neck-shoulder area.

Designed to maximize cake buildup on the bag, the Rhino Hyde® disc filter sectors increase production and reduce energy costs. Since excess moisture must be removed using costly energy, the more moisture removed by the filter, the more effective the system.

The innovative rounded peg design has more open area and permits more moisture to be drawn from the slurry cake. Lower cake moisture saves energy and money in the drying stage, results in a better quality product, increased production, and decreased shipping costs.

Comparing polyurethane to steel, it is lighter in weight, and will not rust or corrode to form any sharp edges. This feature extends bag life significantly, which represents more savings.

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